I'm M, I'm 23, I study at the University of Edinburgh in... yeah, you guessed it, Edinburgh. I love it - most of the time, anyway.
I my spare time I mostly just goof about, watch some TV, laugh with some friends,write some short-stories, read some books.

The point of this tumblr iiiiiis.... well, very little. Hopefully, maybe, perhaps, you'll find something on here that makes you smile, somehow. If not, I hope you're smiling anyway!
Love, love, love,

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New Album Releases on Spotify 

Allright, folkz-who-use-Spotify, I just wanted to recommend this playlist. It is, as the title suggests, a compilation of albums most recently added to the Spotify library, and thus, honestly, it alternates between providing the subscriber with a great way to keep up with the newest albums out there and as amusement. Seriously, I often find myself ending up in tears through this playlist because it makes you stumble across the funniest/worst music you’ve ever heard. Primarily, though, it’s just a great way to keep up with Spotify. Subscriiiibeeee.

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